Who We Are

Heart For The Fatherless Ministry is a community of families and individuals that are connected in some way or another by the common bonds of a heart for an orphan. We are couples who have felt God’s call to adopt or foster; we are families with children who look like their parents and families with children who do not; we are families whose members represent birth countries and cultures from other continents; we are families whose members speak different languages; we are those who are in the waiting process; we are those whose wait has just recently come to an end; we are adoptive families and foster families; we are couples that would like to care for orphans in any way possible (even if it’s not through adoption); we are individuals that love to serve on mission trips to orphanages – and the list goes on.

In the end, we are families just the same, and we believe that God is doing something truly remarkable among us as He forms families and transforms lives through the miracle of adoption and orphan care.

Our Vision

Heart for the Fatherless endeavors to see the church, as the body of Christ, engaged in the community in all aspects of orphan care.

Our Mission

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Provide financial support for families seeking to adopt both locally and internationally.
  • Facilitate ongoing support to frontline providers of orphan care including foster and adoptive families as well as orphanages with whom we partner.
  • Work to educate the body of Christ in all aspects of orphan care under the premise that everyone in God’s kingdom has a role in the care of orphans and all vulnerable children.
  • Partner with like-minded and community agencies that provide avenues of support for vulnerable children for which we are not equipped.
  • Empower local congregations to take part in orphan care as they feel led.