Foster Care

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Psalms 22:6

Children in foster care may never receive training worth holding onto as they age out of the system. These children are bounced from house to house and continually experience their lives ripped away from them. Most of the children have lost the meaning of living in a permanent home, they do not know what safe is, and to them love has little meaning. These children suffer night terrors and have experienced things in life that most aged adults have not experienced. While over 75% of the children in foster care have been sexually abused the leading reason for kids being removed from their parents is due to drug related causes. Many of these children suffer the consequences of these drugs from when there parents used both physically and emotionally.

The Foster Care system is in need of good, patient foster parents. Good foster parents are one of the biggest impacts that foster children will have while they are in the foster care system. Foster Care is not for everyone though, it is a demanding sacrifice and you must be prepared spiritually, intellectually and mentally before making a choice to become a foster parent. Below are some resources that you can look through that will help you make the choice to becoming a foster parent along with ways that you can help children already in the foster care system.